Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awesome Santa Fe Chicken

So, one of the hardest challenges when it comes to a healthy lifestyle for me is finding a healthy way to incorporate my love for Mexican food. I.love.tacos.burritos.queso.

I can take down a bowl of queso dip and chips like Takeru Kobayashi takes down Nathan's hot dogs at Coney Island. It's not pretty...but you get the picture.

They I found a recipe that combines two of my favorite things: a semi spicy dish and my slow cooker

**And the heavens above open and sing!**

Without further torture, here ya go!!


24 oz (1 1/2 lbs) chicken breast
14.4 oz can diced tomatoes
15 oz can black beans
8 oz frozen corn
1/4 c chopped fresh cilantro
14.4 oz can fat free chicken broth
3 scallions, chopped
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne pepper
salt to taste


Combine all ingredients in crock pot, placing the chicken on top (I covered mine a little bit). Cook on low for 10 hours, or on high for 6 hours. A half hour before it is done, take the chicken out and shred it with a fork, then return it to the pot and let cook for the next half hour. Serve over brown rice with a small dollop of fat free sour cream and a dash of reduced fat cheddar

Servings: 8  Size: 1 cup Calories: 190 Fat 1.5g Carbs 23.1g Protein: 21g

For more great recipes like this one, head over to www.skinnytaste.com

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  1. Sounds great, I have everything on hand, and I didn't know exactly what type of chicken we were having for dinner. Seems like you solved my problem!! Thank you!!!