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The Bombshell Dynasty is a team of over 1,700 coaches spanning across the United States and Canada. We are one of the top producing coach teams in Beachbody. Team In10sity is my personal team, where we strive to help you and others reach their heath/fitness/personal/financial goals

Being a team In10sity member is more than just earning a side income, it is about being a member of a FAMILY. These people have all become family to me. You are who you surround yourself with - why not surround yourself with like-minded individuals who cheer you on, celebrate in your successes, hold you accountable, and never let you give up on yourself or your dreams? I have never met a more motivating group in my life, and because of their support I have not only been able to build a life for myself that I once only DREAMED of, but I've been able to lose 22 lbs over the last year, and get my confidence back.
I wouldn't even mention this, let a lone be a part of it, if I did not believe in it. It's not that I believe in it's that I believe in it 110%.  Beachbody has allowed me to change lives, re-gain connections with old friends, find new friends and family, get my body back, and push people to limits they did not think that they could conquer.  It is more than a paycheck, it is more than just selling workout programs and shakes, it is a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.  Not only has Beachbody allowed me to pursue a passion of mine, but I'm now being rewarded simply for doing what I love the most: Helping others (and getting fit in the process!)

I'm not a full time coach, I do not work from home, I am an office manager and have a 9-5 Monday-Friday just like a lot of other people, but what I love best is that this is an opportunity to gain income on your own terms. If you want to put an hour into the business one day, great, and if you don't want to work the business that day at all, that's fine too! Before this I was working as a liquor and beer promotional model handing out shots and free beer at bars at all hours of the nights and on weekends. That is not a life for someone who works full time and goes to Graduate School full time! Beachbody has provided me with a side income (which is more than I EVER made handing out free beer) on MY time. The flexibility is amazing.

I'll give you a quick breakdown of the fees and the benefits.


  • $39.95 sign up fee (this is ONE TIME fee and if you are active military, it's free!)

  • $15.95/month coach fee (this pays for your back office where you can house eCards, spreadsheets to track customers, your commissions, earnings...think of it as your own little Beachbody desktop)


  • 25% Commission on all sales
  • Sweet discount on programs, shakes, supplements, etc
  • Getting on a great team
  • Being paid to be a product of the product - ON A WEEKLY BASIS!
  • And much, much more
So if you think this is something you might be interested in, click here and then choose the Coach option.  If you have questions, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

So, are you ready??

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