Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ultimate Reset Week 3


The girl who loves food almost as much as her husband has completed The Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Booya.

It was a great challenge as my first for 2014. It definitely helped me to learn a lot about why I ate and helped me to recognize boredom versus hunger. I find myself even now, 48 hours past the end point, looking at how a food that I put in will fuel my body, rather than simply satisfy my pallet. Although I will not lie: Last night I had an apple dumpling with ice cream and that fueled nothing, but overly satisfied the pallet :) All in moderation, all in moderation :)

Bought these to "celebrate". I have no desire to even eat them.
So the end results! I lost ten pounds and dropped from a Size 7 in jeans (junior's sizes) down to a Size 3 (I haven't been a 3 in quite some time). I have yet to take my measurements, but will update this post as I do so. But beyond the physical transformation, the full body transformation is what was most exciting to me. The clarity, the mood regulation, how I feel on the inside (not just emotionally but physically) is enough to make me happily take on this challenge a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. time. I think it will definitely become a yearly tradition, with maintenance being a Shakeology 3 day cleanse once a quarter. I loved it and would highly recommend it to everyone that I know.

Now, post Reset with the food...

Naturally after being limited after 21 days you get really excited about certain foods post Reset. I have yet to have pizza (surprisingly since that's my favorite food), but I can tell you that first protein shake that I had gave me a rockin' headache that lasted Since I haven't had any sugars besides the kind that occur naturally from the fruits on The Reset, the sugars in the shake just crushed my brain! Felt like it was in a vice all day. Happy to report that today I did not get that headache after the protein shake. In fact, today I feel AWESOME, super productive and just amazing in general. I actually brought back my Reset favorites for lunch! Roasted root medley and zucchini cashew soup! Yum!

Coffee: I have no desire to have it. Now this is coming from someone who was having upwards of 4 cups a day pre Reset. I love(d) coffee. It's taste, THE SMELL, the warmth of the cup between my hands. It always calmed me down and just brought me back to summer. Now? Eh, I could have it if I wanted it but I don't need it. My energy is through the ROOF without any caffeine - I'm not even taking my pre-workout supplement and rocking my workouts so I have decided that coffee is now going to be looked at the same way that cakes and cookies are: a treat. I don't want to go back to the place of "Oh, I feel tired. Time for a cup of coffee". Because let's face it, after a while it doesn't even wake you up anyway. You just drink it because that's what you are supposed to do when you are tired!

The infamous bday cake
I notice that body is now craving healthier options. It cheers on the inside when it is time for my daily Shakeology and after lunch today it felt very rejuvenated. No 2 o'clock feeling for me! Even when I had my coveted birthday cake that my sister saved for me, I could only have a few bites before the sweetness was no longer desirable on my taste buds. So I had a tiny slice and then was able to put it away. The old me would have crushed it, asked for more, gave it 20 minutes and then gone and had a slice of pizza. I cannot stress to you all how much of a complete GAME CHANGER The Reset has been.

I am going to be making a YouTube video answer some of YOUR questions on The Reset. If you want your question answered, either leave a comment below or shoot it to me in an email to  Names will not be revealed, just the question read. I look forward to hearing from you all and answering all of the questions that you may have!

Thanks for following my first journey of 2014!

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