Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ultimate Reset: Day 1 Review

Oh gosh, where to begin! Well perhaps I should explain why I am actually going through Beachbody's Ultimate Reset for 21 days.

I won't lie, originally it was so I could use the supplements before they expired! (oops) but as these past couple of months have gone on, I have GREATLY neglected both my health...AND FITNESS! Now don't get me wrong, I still worked out usually 3 times a week but this girl is usually an every day kind of girl. And my nutrition, while maybe not SPOT on, typically isn't horrible. Let me tell you: pizza weekly, hoagies, wasn't good. Throw in Thanksgiving and Christmas in there and you have a recipe for disaster.

And disaster struck: 11 pounds of disaster in just two months time. I found this out yesterday as I stepped on the scale for the first time in a while. I was expecting maybe 5 at most, but after the number flashed on the screen..I just sort of stared. How..did I let this happen. From that moment on the Reset wasn't just to use supplements before they expired, it now became a MISSION. I had to find out why I was re-addicted to junk, needed to get my mind right as well as my body. Game face came one (until I took my before photos, then it was a frowny face yet again).

Day 1 went alright. The foods are something new to me as I am not one to do a lot of meal prep; however, I just kept thinking of the results others have had and it inspired and motivated me to take every meal with a positive attitude. I have all of the ingredients I need so there was a lot of chopping, packaging, and bagging things going on in my kitchen.

You take 3 rounds of supplements during the day, with an additional supplement of Alkalinize in the afternoon before dinner. After my first round of supplements I was alright until around noon ( I took them at 9), then I became very fatigued. My brain was a big fuzzy. I wanted to concentrate, but I couldn' I took a nap. Couldn't fall asleep for about a half hour, but when I did it was a good sleep - only lasting 20 minutes long! But I felt reinvigorated!

Emotionally I seemed to be alright...until my husband started helping by putting all my "yummy food" in a box and hiding it somewhere in the house where I wont find it. We came across a pack of reduced fat Oreos. There were 2 left. He put his back to me and shoved them in his mouth, running to the refrigerator to grab, what else?, milk. I started to cry. I kid you not I started to cry.

Around 9 PM I was done for the day. Exhausted, I just laid on the couch and watched Dance Moms (love that show!) When it was time to go to sleep however, yet again I could not fall asleep. This time it took 2 1/2 hours. It was very frustrating but I felt like I was sort of sleeping but not during that waiting time. It didn't feel like 2 1/2 hours..but it didn't feel like sleep either. Woke up this morning and felt REFRESHED. Only hit the snooze 1 time and that was more because I was so nice and cozy and not to get more sleep. I woke up, got dressed and....went grocery shopping???

Yeah. 7:30AM on my way to work I decide to go grocery shopping. The things The Reset will do you...

All in all I'd say Day 1 was fine. Meals were DELICIOUS, supplements not bad (Alkalinize is gross but pinch your nose and down the hatch it goes. Its only 4 ounces. You'll live) reactions weren't horrible.  The thing about The Reset is it is different for everyone. Stay tuned for Day 2


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