Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Ultimate Reset: Week 2 Review

Week 2 of The Ultimate Reset is OVER! I made it and am in the final stage of the reset: Restore

"During the restore phase you will eliminate grains and legumes to focus on a simple, cleansing fruit and vegetable based diet."

Sounds a lot like rabbit food, but I'm going to do my best to stick to it.

Week 2 was difficult. I did not care for some of the food listed, but I am a picky eater to begin with. In order to substitute, I went back to Week 1 and pulled the fully vegan options that were given during that week, such as the roasted root medley, zucchini cashew soup, and black beans and rice. I rotated through those all week and lost another 4 pounds. The detox supplement wasn't too bad. Check out the video below that tells you more about it.

Overall, I feel wonderful..fantastic...AMAZING if you want to go there (and I do). The Reset has given me not only some great recipes that I will keep in my life, but also a backbone against food. I now KNOW that I can say "No" to certain food that finds its way in front of me. I can portion things out better as now I know what a cup of rice looks like. I have also found that having fruit in the morning makes me feel FANTASTIC and very clear. Protein is needed in the afternoon though as a way to help me power through.

Also, the taste buds have also been revamped. Flavor EXPLODES from everything now. Before food just tasted like its magnified by about 100 times. Even my Shakeology tastes dreamier than usual and that's saying something because that stuff's always delicious.

I would recommend The Ultimate Reset to everyone and anyone who wants to consider trying it. It has changed a big chunk of my life, helped me lose weight, find clarity, and all around just have a better sense of myself and my body which is so valuable going forward. I have gone from emotional eater, to conscious eater. I have gone from not caring and eating as much as I want, to making conscious efforts to take in the proper amount of portions. I have gone from the basics, to beets and crazy green soup! AND I LOVE THE CHANGES.

Please, if you have ANY questions just shoot me an email with "Ultimate Reset" in the subject line to

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