A Little About Me

Me & Mario in Punta Cana
You would think talking about yourself would be extremely easy, yet sometimes I find it extremely difficult.  Oh well, I'll give it a go..
I'm 28 years old and am from  Pittsburgh, PA. I guess you could say that I have always been in to fitness, but never really found a  method that I was satisfied with. Fitness isn't my entire life, but it's a large chunk of it. I just find that when I exercise, I feel better about myself. Exercise makes me happy, makes me feel accomplished, and never leaves me hitting the "Oh Shit!" button in May when it's almost bikini time.
Outside of fitness, I guess you could say I'm your average chick who enjoys doing above average things. I don't even believe in the word average...yuck..don't even like saying it. I'm a firm believer on living your life being above average: going above and beyond your call of duty, being an above average friend, being an above average spouse, and visiting above average places. Be above average in all that you do...way above.
I have my B.S. in Organizational Leadership and am currently going to school for a Master's in the same. I have found over the past two years that leadership is one of my true passions. Pushing change in  people where they didn't think change could exist is one of the areas of my life that I really try and focus on. Helping someone else reach a goal that they didn't think was possible is one of the best feelings in the world.

Oh, and I'm part of this amazing team of Beachbody coaches called The Bombshell Dynasty. They are like my second family, and some of the most influential and motivational people that I know! It's through their motivation and constant support that I have become the person that I am today, which I feel is the person that I have always been..but have never let fully shine through. In addition, I have my own team of rockstars called Team In10sity where our main focus is helping others to achieve their health/fitness/personal/financial goals. You should join us :)


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