Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Insanity Max Cardio Circuit Modifiers and Review

Today was my first day heading into Month 2 of Insanity. I woke up this morning at 5:30, thinking that would leave me plenty of time to get my workout in, shower, pack my lunch, make my breakfast and get to work on time.  I COMPLETELY forgot that I had my Fit Test today also, so naturally my plans did not work out.

I'm not sure if it was because I completed the Fit Test right before the workout, but it was difficult! All of the moves were combined in new and interesting ways, so as always you never got bored. Shaun T is just as motivating as ever during this workout, but the one thing I did hate was the length: 58 minutes. And that's just me not wanting to have to get out of bed earlier in the morning, haha. I don't mind actually working out for 58 minutes (today was more like an hour and a half with the Fit Test included).

One of the biggest questions I get asked about Insanity is how to modify the exercises when you are too tired to complete a full circuit. Anytime I feel that I cannot keep going, I jog it out. It is important that you keep your heart rate up during Insanity. A quick drop in your heart rate (which happens when you just stop doing anything phsyical with no cool down) is terrible for your heart and can leave you very dizzy/blacking out. Even if you feel like your legs are going to fall off, a little jog in place should do the trick. Then, once you are feeling up to it, jump back in an finish strong.

Moving push-ups: I typically do not have a problem with moving push-ups, but when I do I just stay stationary. I'll continue to do the same set, but with stationary push-ups. Now, maybe stationary push-ups are even above your level sometimes (which is fine). Drop to your knees, focus on a flat back, and do modified push-ups.  If modified push-ups are too much, hold the plank...just don't stop. Keeping the core engaged one way or the other will push you towards your goals and allow you to continue to progress and get something out of the workout.

Ski Abs: Ski abs are just awkward, especially when you add in the speed, so just go at your own pace. Even if it's very slow, going at a pace where you keep your form is better than going too fast with poor form and risking injury. Eventually, muscle memory will kick in, the move will be less awkward, and you will be able to pick it up. Never be afraid to take it at your pace. There is no cookie-cutter pace for Insanity. Just keep your heart rate up, keep trying your hardest, and you will get there. If you are too tired for ski abs, I would again hold a plank so that you can continue to work your core (or even a side plank to work the obliques). These same modifications can be use for in-and-out abs.

I think the most important thing to remember is that breaks are ALWAYS okay, and encouraged! Insanity is a no-joke workout! Most of us are not professional athletes taking these DVDs on, so our endurance and cardio might not be up to par just yet. It's great to take a breather, just make sure you keep moving and continue on with the set. Don't do 10 seconds of something and take a breather for the remainder of the set...take a few seconds and hop back in. Even if when you hop in you only get 5 more reps in, you've got to keep pushing. Knock down the mental barriers you are setting for yourself, because more often than not it is our mind, not our body, telling us to stop.

Best of luck and DIG DEEPER!

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