Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Secrets" of Fit People: Part 1

Have you ever found yourself in a rut where whatever you are trying, isn't working out? Maybe you were on a roll and then all of a sudden, you sputtered and eventually came to a screeching halt. This happens to all of us, and sometimes the only thing we find ourselves doing is standing their asking, "WTH?!?!?"

Truth is, fit people have fit habits. For many of us, the habits are so regular that we do not even realize we are doing them. It's like brushing our teeth!  Now, as you can see it sounds like I am referring to myself as a fit person with fit habits...and I have quite a few, but there are some I could improve upon which would probably make my life easier.

Taken from one of my favorites, Chalene Johnson, here are 5 of my favorite habits of fit people. Check back next week to see the other 5! How many of these are missing from your routine?

1. Look at exercise as a pleasure: What you think something is, is what it is going to be. Our mind does what we tell it to, so if we are constantly saying we hate working out guess what? You will NEVER like it! Look at the positives of working out prior to lacing up your sneakers: weight loss, stamina, energy, and most importantly getting healthier for yourself and your family. Also, find a workout that you will LOVE. Every person has a different workout personality, so it is important that we do what we will actually enjoy. Want to figure that out? Contact me!

2. Focus on short term fitness goals: It's not about losing 20 pounds your first week. It's about short term goals, and I MEAN short term goals. One of them could be "Do today's workout" and then, "Do tomorrow's workout". Maybe by the end of the week your goal is to do 5 push ups, or just get in 5 workouts. Focus on those short goals and once they are attained, then set your sights higher. When we make our goals smaller, they are more manageable and easier to achieve, thus giving us some gratification which is the fuel to move on to tackle our bigger goals.

3. Always upping the In10sity (shameless plug!): Or intensity..however you prefer to spell it. Leandro says it best in Brazil Butt Lift, "Don't settle for less!"  Your body is a machine. If you are properly fueling it, you can make it do AMAZING things, so always be looking to progress! Always challenge yourself with your workouts: do one more rep, go a bit harder than you did last week, throw in an extra workout if you are feeling froggy. Always set your bar for yourself higher than it was the week before, and therefor you will always be getting better and better. Soon it will become addicting!

4. Enjoy a weekly "unhealthy" treat: THIS IS MY FAVORITE RULE! Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (facebook.com/Nik4213 and @Nik4213) you KNOW that I am not someone who preaches about eating healthy 24/7, etc. I love pizza, I love cookies, I love cake, etc. and I am not afraid to shout it from the mountain tops! However, if I ate that stuff every day I'd be as big as my house not to mention doing some MAJOR damage to my body that could cause risk to the longevity of my life.  As a treat, I do one "unhealthy" meal a week, and eat balanced the rest of the time. Lots of veggies, lean proteins, no dairy (I use almond milk), very little bread if any at all, fruits, and of course, Shakeology. When you are eating good 90% of the time, that bacon cheddar burger isn't going to kill you (Disclaimer: It MIGHT give you a stomach ache)

5. Move beyond weight loss: Weight loss should not be your only goal when working out. There are so many more benefits out there than just the weight. Dropping your body fat percentage (to a health level) allows your organs to function more effectively and efficiently. Losing weight can help you to breathe better, sleep better, and have more energy..not to mention be more mobile in general. It's not about the number on the scale, it's about how you feel, too! Aren't you proud of your progress? Hasn't that upped your self esteem? Doesn't it make you feel good to know that you can do something today that you previously hadn't? Look beyond weight loss as your only reason for working out and it will become much more enjoyable for you.

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