Friday, July 19, 2013

Not-So-Terrible Cookies and Cream Milkshake

I got my inspiration for this recipe from, one of my FAVORITE blog sites out there. But as I was typing this up, I thought to myself....I wonder if I can make this even BETTER (Sorry, Katie..but I do believe I have)

The recipe featured on uses 4 ingredients: milk, Oreos, frozen bananas, and vanilla extract.  Well, I'm pulling the vanilla extract, and adding in your daily dose of dense nutrition!

8 ounces Unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or rice milk)
1 packet Vanilla Shakeology
2 Oreo cookies (she uses 3..I'm using 2 to make myself feel better about the whole thing)
1/2 frozen banana (optional)

1/2 scoop protein powder (this can easily be omitted as Shakeology contains 16g on its own)

Throw all of this good stuff into a blender with some ice and pulse until all of the ingredients are well chopped up. Then blend/puree until you get your milkshake-like consistency. This is sure to be a drink that will not disappoint!

Note: If you will be using this as a snack, use 1/2 a pack of the Shakeology rather than a full pack.

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