Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Home Weight Lifting Plan

Have you ever decided that you were going to make a change in your life and head to the gym? Most of us have, and most of these “decisions” come around January 1st. So you get to the gym and you're looking at the machines – it can be intimidating. Things that you pull, things that you can be overwhelming. It is worse as you look at those in the free weight section that clearly know what they are doing as you stand their clueless.

For many of us we are too shy (or proud) to ever ask for help, so we go at it alone. We grab the weights we think we'll “stack up” to the status quo and begin to just do what everyone else is doing. Forget form. What’s form? There’s a form? Before we know it we have either over-worked (or under-worked) our muscles or even worse, sustained an injury.

For those of you guys who want to bulk up (or for you ladies who want to get so incredibly toned you look in the mirror at your own reflection and go “daaaaaaamn”) then let me introduce you to Body Beast.  An in home lifting program designed to help you out in 60 days.  Goodbye confusion, poor form, and the uncomfortable gym….hello simplicity, fun, and results. 

I’ve always wanted to get leaner and gain muscle mass, but I’ve never had any success doing my own program. Getting the nutrition part has been tough, especially since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a teenager.

As I got older, I could tell that I was getting more and more out of shape. That was a problem with my diabetes—and a problem with the way I felt about myself and the way I looked because I just couldn’t seem to lose my body fat.

So when I heard about Body Beast, I figured that was the answer for me. I’ve always liked lifting weights. And because Body Beast offered me a complete program, it felt like it was something I could really stick to—just follow the plan, no thinking required, right? Shakeology even took care of my nutrition to make it super easy.

Turns out Beast was the answer. Sagi was awesome. And the program seemed to work my whole body—I got all my cardio from lifting, which is great because I’m not into just doing cardio alone.

Since completing Body Beast, I’ve lost 9% body fat in a little over 60 days. I’m leaner and stronger. I have more stamina. And I can easily make it through an entire workout without hitting, “pause,” which I couldn’t do when I started. I love that I’m bigger and in better shape.

But the best came when I showed my doctor my “Before” and “After” photos at my last check-up and he was totally impressed. My A1C (average glucose) over the last 6 months has been right on target and he said that if I continue to eat and exercise like I’ve been doing—I should never have any complications from my diabetes. That made me feel great!

Are you interested in purchasing Body Beast to try out yourself at home? Visit for all the details and to purchase.

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