Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Get Passed a Plateau

Even the best and most experienced fitness professionals hit a plateau in their progress. It happens. Our bodies get so used to doing what it's doing that it is no longer challenged. When it is no longer challenged, it doesn't need to work as hard meaning the heart isn't working as hard and you are not burning as many calories.

But there are a two remedies that I'm going to share with you that should help you over your hump. The first one:


Seriously? Yes, seriously. Plateaus can also be our bodies way of telling us that we have been working too hard and it is overly fatigued. Often times the problem with taking a week off (besides the boredom that sets in) is the fact that we tend to overeat when we are out of routine. So in order to keep yourself engaged and not allowing this to lead to a food fest, just make that week a new kind of challenge for yourself. Eat clean for 7 days, try a Shakeology cleanse, or go even longer and give the Ultimate Reset a shot. During your rest you don't only want to rest your muscles, but also revamp your insides too. Make the week about doing the best possible things for your body to repair. This will make your body come back stronger, quicker.

The second option? Switch it up! I love cardio, and I love lifting weights; however, when it comes time to do both I can easily find excuses why I should slack. Maybe your exercise is stressing you out more? Is your schedule already jam packed? Is this just turning in to one more thing to do? Then switch it up! I find that when I am stressed sticking to a single workout program stresses me out even more. If a workout comes up and I don't care for it (it's too long, etc) then I don't enjoy it when I'm already stressed, so during times of heavy activity I wing it. I go downstairs and look through all of my DVDs and choose the one that fits what I feel like doing at that moment. Or maybe I go for a run instead of doing the DVDs. My muscles are continuously guessing day-to-day what I'm going to be doing with them, keeping my body "on its toes" and keeping my metabolism high.

If you have reached this plateau and feel like you aren't sure how to get over it, please email me Nik4213@gmail.com so we can talk and bounce ideas off of one another. Also you can check out My Site where there are MULTIPLE options for you to switch it up.

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