Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 Days Into P90X/BBL Hybrid

Yesterday, well today really, marked the 30 day point for my P90X/Brazil Butt Lift hybrid. This workout is going to take me 90 days to go through, and should last me the majority of the summer.

I chose this particular workout because I wanted to really change my body, and I thought what better way to do that than with P90X. Obviously with swimsuit season on the horizon, I also was concerned for the back-end of things so I decided that a hybrid paired with Brazil  Butt Lift was just the ticket.

I started this schedule the day after I finished my first half marathon, and let me tell you-that first day sucked! The first workout that I had to take on was BBL Sculpt. I thought to myself, "This workout can't be that hard..I'll start with a higher weight"; I was totally wrong. That workout was intense! But even its intensity couldn't prepare me for what was next: Tummy Tuck.

Tummy Tuck, in my opinion, is harder than Ab Ripper X.  I can make it through Ab Ripper X (did it for the first time this week!), but I cannot make it through Tummy Tuck, yet. This workout combines a variety of exercises used to strengthen your core and every ab muscle you can imagine by combining core moves, isometric ab work, and standard sit up variations. It is NO-JOKE! Don't believe me? Try it.

The BBL workouts are a ton of fun, and I always can't help but think of the beach while I am doing them. The music makes me feel very light-hearted and Leandro constantly telling me, "Don't settle for less!" keeps me going.

The P90X workouts, though, might be my soulmate workout. I have NEVER enjoyed something so much as the P90X DVDs.  When I hear people say, "Oh God I hate Plyomatrics!" I can't help but wonder how?!? I think that is the most fun workout! And Core works you, it is frustrating when you can't hold the moves, but you KNOW that it's working (and you can feel it for about two days after!).  I love workouts that challenge me, while at the same time motivate me to continue on, and build me up in terms of my physique, but also my character.

P90X isn't only a physical challenge, but also a mental game. For many, their body has never been put through something so strenuous before, and their mind continuously yells at them to quit, or tells them it's not going to work anyway, or that they suck because they couldn't lift the weight/finish their reps. Getting over that voice in your head is the key to P90X.  Being able to ignore that voice and do one more rep today than you did yesterday is what this workout is about. Being able to lift a heavier weight during Phase 2 than you did in Phase 1 is what this workout is about. It's not about starting off with heavy weights, maxing out on reps, and getting it over with barely breaking a fact, if you can do that your first time then I would say you just wasted your money. Obviously you were above P90X. But not many people can! The key here is build yourself up, and not allow yourself to be torn down.

I'm not going to lie: there were days where I didn't want to workout. There are always days where I don't want to work out - but I do it anyway, because struggle is always easier than regret. My entire life I have allowed myself to quit. When the going got tough, I'd move on to an easier task to provide myself with a source of instant gratification: no more. I want to be a finisher. The half marathon taught me how to overcome that voice inside my head, and gave me my first taste of how it felt to be a finisher. I want to experience that feeling over and over again. It's like a drug, and I couldn't even begin to imagine the feelings that I would feel if I quit and let myself down - I'm not worried about anyone else - I'm worried about myself, and you should be too. When taking on a challenge, you must be your biggest cheerleader. I mean think about it: if you doubt yourself...why should anyone else believe in you?

I'm posting my 30 day result pictures on here not because I am looking for attention; I am not one of "those" girls who is all "Look at me! Look at me!" but I am posting them on here to show you that they are REAL. While the pictures make it hard to see, the muscle definition that I have now is INSANE. I couldn't do 8 push ups when I started..and now I can do 20.  I started out doing 12 chair I'm up to 30, and I DEF couldn't make it through Ab Ripper, but now I can (though it still kicks my ass everytime). The point is: I'm growing stronger. And that is what a fitness journey is all about.

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  1. LOVE! Super proud of you for being so committed and consistent!

  2. what is your hybrid schedule? I don't have time to do both at the same time so I was going to mix the two. I hope to workout no more that 1 and a half hours a day.
    Thanks, Hollie