Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Only Person in Charge of You is YOU!

How often does your life feel out of control? Do you honestly feel like you are in control of every aspect of your life, or do you feel influenced by others in your “circle”? Many of us would say that we feel influenced, but there is hope to feel completely in control of our lives.
While reading Brendon Burchard’s new book The Charge, I came across a section in the book where he talks about control. We all desire it in various aspects of our lives and our work, but how often do we really take it? Many people sit back and will give the excuses, “Well it’s not that easy”, “You aren’t in my situation”, “Well I’m trying!” but they do not realize how easy it is to gain control of things if they take it one step at a time.
The Charge focused on two scenarios that dealt with the business world in which he compared the feeling of success when on a team vs. when being independent. He put it like this, “Have you ever worked on a book project where you were in and out of multiple meetings on it, and then the book became successful, and you and the team were very happy about it?...And have you ever worked on a book project that you really ushered from beginning to end and took as your baby, and then the book became successful, and you and the team were very happy about it?...Which of the two felt better? Which had you more engaged and left you feeling more satisfied and fulfilled?” In this example, everyone said that they had felt more fulfilled when a book that they had more hands-on experience with went successful.  This is because as human beings we not only crave control, but we crave ownership.
One of the easiest ways to take ownership in your life is first by taking ownership of yourself, and you can do this by beginning , and following through, with a workout program (of your choice, of course!). No one else owns you, or your body-that’s all you. You can be the one to blame, or you can be the one to praise, but the decision is yours to make. Studies have shown that being more involved in a project from beginning to end is more satisfying than just being engaged in that activity part-time; think of how this translates into your workouts.
I don’t know anyone who has ever finished every single workout program that they have started. We all get tripped up and discouraged from time to time and sometimes we even just give up and quit. I ask, how did you feel when you quit? Defeated? Embarrassed? Let down? Angry? Frustrated? The list of negative emotions goes on and on. Now think to a time, any time, where you saw something through from start to finish (it doesn’t have to be a workout). How did you feel after that? Proud? Happy? Excited?  Finishing a workout program or accomplishing a goal will yield you those same feelings!
Workouts do not have to be 100% about getting healthy, or getting a great body; they can also be about getting happy and continuing (or starting) a more positive outlook on life. I challenge you this week to complete something you have been putting off, or that has defeated you in the past. When you complete it (and you will) I want you to take notice of the various emotions that begin to flow through your veins. Use those feelings to carry you on to your next big accomplishment, and know that those feelings NEVER go away, no matter how much you accomplish. The feeling of accomplishment and pride in yourself, is one thing that never gets old.

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