Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eat Breakfast!

If you're like me, you feel like you have zero time in life to do anything that needs to be done.  One of the areas I used to really struggle in was the area of breakfast. I just wouldn't eat it because I didn't have time, or I'd grab Pop Tarts and eat them on the go (knowing what I know now I can't believe I ate that many Pop Tarts in my life time. Delicious? Yes...Nutritious? No). I know so many people who skip breakfast, just have a cup of coffee, or if you are my mother "breakfast makes me sick" (c'mon, Mom..really????).

The fact is: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gets your body up and ready to burn fuel for the day! It sets your whole day in gear! So for those of you who claim that you do not have time for breakfast, I have a delicious sandwich that will take you..are you ready for this? 2 MINUTES TO MAKE! Tadaaa! I know...I'm awesome..and you're welcome :)  Here we go!


2 Pieces of toast (I prefer Ezekiel bread..but hey, whatever works for you)
Egg Whites (I prefer All Whites)
Small amount of Cheddar
3 strips of turkey bacon


Here's how you do this all in 2 minutes:

Throw your egg whites into a small pan and cook..about 1 minute on each side.

While this is happening, toast your bread, put your bacon in the microwave for about a minute, and get your plate out your cabinet (totally hard so far, right?)

*Pop!* The toast is up! *Ding!* The bacon is done! And by the looks of it, so are the egg whites. Just place them on the toast, sprinkle with cheese, and put one strip of bacon on there while leaving the other two pieces for you to eat.

This is so simple, that there should not be any excuse for not having time anymore. Rushing out the door in the mornings? Try my method:

Cook the egg whites at home and place in a plastic container.
Package your bacon in a Ziplock, your cheese goes in with the bacon, and you also grab your bread.
When you get to work, throw the egg white in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and the bacon in there for about a minute and a half while your toast is in the toaster..then put it all together and eat!

This entry seems so lame because it's like, " just made an egg sandwich. Bravo." but what I am trying to point out here is not that I am a master chef when it comes to egg sandwiches...I'm trying to put out the simplicity of breakfast. And you don't even need to do eggs! Get some cereal (no...not Cap'n Crunch!) that has a high protein value like Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Pay attention to the serving sizes of the cereals and follow those! Grab some Shakeology (the healthiest meal of the day!) and make yourself a delicious shake to drink on your way to the office. JUST EAT!

The most important thing to remember is that breakfast fuels the rest of your day. Try, if you can, to avoid breakfast foods that are high in carbohydrates as these will leave you feel overly full and end up making you want to take a nap. Lean foods high in protein are best to kick off your day, keep you full until lunch, and drive your mornings.

So tomorrow..stop making your excuses..and eat some breakfast.

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