Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pep Talks with Myself

Nothing like a lovely 12-miler to end your day. I was contemplating doing this run BEFORE work and then came to my senses that a long run mixed with a boring day would surely equal sleeping on my desk and possibly being fired. SO! After work, it is!

But let's back up a little bit here. Why on earth am I running 12 miles? For fun? Heeelll no. A while ago I decided to sign up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (my second year doing it), and though the road has been rough, I must honor my commitment.

I mapped out a new course for my 12 today, since my 10 last week just bored me to tears. This one includes some hills, so hopefully the use of different muscle groups helps out my knees a bit. I think the regular pounding on the pavement mixed with the constant use of the SAME muscles doesn't do me much good...and the Half will include some hills anyway so I might as well make this run as realistic as I can.

You would think today WAS race day the way my nerves are. I think I am just nervous to see my end time. I need to keep an 11:23 mile pace in order to meet my goal time of dropping 10 minutes from last year (it's on my dream board...I HAVE to accomplish it lol) and sometimes I find myself going too fast out of the gate, but at times it's so hard to slow down! Finding a good pace is difficult for me...I'm much more of a "get it over with" kind of girl and that's probably where most of my problems lie.

I could have quit a while ago, especially when I was sick with a chest cold for three weeks. I could have said that my knees were hurting and for the sake of them, I should backoff running, or I could give in to my sometimes negative attitude during my runs and just throw in the towel. But I've gotta honor my commitment.

The route does look like it will be challenging, though. Challenging - but something we will see how it goes. I will just be happy when this run is over (mainly because pizza awaits!) but also because then I start into my taper and my body really needs it. This training season has been difficult from getting sick multiple times to having this chest cold thing that likes to keep showing back up; the stress of work, school and moving; along with many other things. Now is especially difficult because with the move, because there is so much that I SHOULD be doing other than running, but what can ya do!

You don't give up. That's what you do. If you commit to a goal, you see it through. It doesn't matter how many times that goal tries to knock you down, you keep standing up until it is in your reach, and then you lunge until it is in your grasp..then you celebrate.
.I do think this might be my last Half for a bit. I say that now and I'm sure on race day I'll be looking for my next one to sign up for..that's how I found myself in this one, haha. I do have some fun runs to look forward to coming up between Color Me Rad and Ruckus, so that should keep me actively training throughout summer.

Once you get a goal in your mind, the only one stopping you from achieving it is yourself. If you work at it hard enough, you just might trick yourself into liking exactly what you say you hate doing (like running!) Would I sit here and confess my love for running? No! "I hate running!", yet I find myself continuously signing up for these darn races. Have I tricked myself into loving what I once hated?

Time to mentally prepare. Wish me luck!!

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