Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sports Beans Review

I had heard of people talking about "beans".   "What do you use to sustain energy while you run?" "Typically Gu, blocks, or beans" I never really thought much of it until I needed to switch things up due to my stomach becoming upset from my old method of doing things.

If I would have known that these "beans" were jelly beans, hot damn! I would have tried them a long time ago! Who doesn't love jelly beans?! Well, no, that's a bad thing to ask, because I know a lot of people who hate jelly beans; however, I am not one of them!

I decided to try Jelly Belly's brand of Sports Beans before an 8 mile run a few weeks back and wanted to report my personal findings. Please know that this is just my personal experience.

The packaging promises quick energy for sports performance through Carbs, E

lecetrolytes, and Vitamins B & C. Sounds good to me off the bat, and they looked like jelly beans. But surely they wouldn't taste like them, right?


These little gems tasted like they popped right out of an Easter basket. That is the only downside to them. They are SO good! I fear that if there was a pack with multiple servings inside that I would eat the entire pack, and then have TOO much energy. Luckly, they come in single serving packs so that won't happen.

As far as the energy factor goes, I was surprised. Anything I have ever tried that said "Quick Energy!" on the label really meant "You're going to know what it feels like to be on Speed!"  This was not the case with these beans. There was no energy surge, no jitters, no feeling like my heart was going to beat out of its chest. it was just sort of a feeling that you could do what you needed to do. I wouldn't say that they gave me the energy to go above and beyond, but they gave me enough to get through the run - which that day was a blessing because it was a 10 hour work day and I was exhausted to begin with.

The price is very reasonable. I want to say I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 per pack. They also fit very nicely in my little running pouch, which is helpful because I get so irritated if that thing is weighed down and then starts to bounce around.

I'm also Hypoglycemic and during my runs my sugar has been known to drop and for anyone who is Hypoglycemic, you know how that feels. It's like a body crash from out of left field. Heavy eyes, tired, jittery but sort of nauseated at the same what I like about these beans is I can keep them in my running pouch and if I feel that happen I can munch on a few to get my levels up and feel better.

All in all, if you are looking for a light boost of energy that is extremely tastey and easily transportable I'd say the beans are for you. If you are looking for that feeling of being able to workout forever, and go full steam ahead, I would try something else.

Hope you enjoyed! Check back often for regular review of supplements, gear, etc.

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