Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Pick the Right Sports Bra

Ladies! This post is for you! Or fellas, maybe this would be a great gift for your female fitness friend...they fit right in a stocking! Haha!

If there is one problem that all females can relate to, it is the "boob issues" during working out. For some of my friends, I know that is one of the reasons why they do not ENJOY working out! I mean think about, it is SO uncomfortable to have things moving during a workout. Not only is it uncomfortable,but distracting! I am not even "blessed" in that area, and ANY movement just takes my workout from being enjoyable to "I want to quit".

Choosing the right support for you "friends" is important, not only for your own comfort and sanity, but for your workout! Think of how much focus is potentially pulled from your workout, to focus on the discomfort of a sports bra. The stress on your breasts is also an added weight for your body to work with as they "do their own thing", which in turn means harder work for your lungs and heart, believe it or not. So as you can see, securing "the girls" properly, has many, many benefits.

Now, not all sports bras are created equal! Just like your standard bras, there are options for every size and type.  Typically, three options are available to choose. Here is the rundown:

Compression Bras: These are the ones that smoosh you in and flatten you out. If you have over a B cup, these might not be for you. The comfort level of your "pride" is going to be very low, which may distract you from your workout. While the compression bra will definitely hold you in place, there are better options.

Now, if you are like me and a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, a compression bra might be just what you need. Unfortunately, it does not enhance the assets for us, but makes us even flatter; however, I have personally found these bras to work best for me with my workouts. There is no "movement".

Encapsulation Bras: These are great for those of you who are larger in the boob-area. Encapsulation bras adds in the compression of the compression bras, but separates it into two separate cups that will comfortably hold the girls in place.An added benefit of these is it is also less sweaty, if ya catch my drift.

"Little ladies" listen up! These are also becoming more popular in our size, as well and gives you SOMETHING instead of looking flat as a board :)  I do have a few of these, because I am very self-conscious in this area, but I still prefer compression bras if I am really going hard at something (like my Insanity workouts)

Underwire Bras: These offer additional support to suppress the jiggling, but honestly, I hate bras with underwire in them regularly so I do not know how comfortable these would be. If you have ever utilized one, I encourage you to comment so that we can have an idea of what they feel like while working out

So to sum it up, picking the right sports bra is important for your sanity, your focus, your comfort, AND your endurance. There are three kinds out there, and each is great for a particular kind of "pair". What I have listed are just guidelines based on my own experience, and I encourage you to see for yourself; however, if you are consistently feeling a bit "loose" in that area while you workout, it might be time to try something new. Also remember that sports bras don't last forever. Most last about 30-40 we will call that 6 months-ish.

Ladies, comment below: What's your favorite type/brand of sports bra and why?

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  1. I am a 'C' and I love compression bras... Underwires are for day time, I can't imagine wearing them while working out!! I have checked out the Encapsulation bras and they don't seem to hold the girls in place all that well. I like to try everything at least once and I've tried a ton of sports bras. The zip up in the front, adjustable straps, encapsulation, underwires, but I always come back to a solid racerback compression! Great post!

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